Cormar Carpets

Cormar are a award winning British carpet manufacturer making both wool and Polypropylene carpets at price points to suit the every day customer.
Carpets are like most things in life where price is usually relevant to quality so in theory the more you spend the better the quality.Cormar pretty much have a carpet for everyone whether your wanting a high quality wool twist or a lower budget stain resistant Polypropylene.Cormar usually run around twenty ranges and constantly introduce new colours to keep up with the latest trends.If your wanting a luxurious soft pile look at Cormar’ Sensation range currently one of the best selling carpets in the country.Also Cormar offer a free sample service direct from their website.

Wool carpets made with new British wool (always check for the Logo) have natural resilience to crushing so keep a better appearance for longer but also cost more money.They also have better tog values for insulation.A good quality wool twist starts at £20 a square metre and can easily go up to £40 or more.
A downside to wool carpets are spills and stains,if you spill tea,coffee,red wine or kids fizzy drinks you must see to immediately.Take out as much of the spill as possible with paper towels just blotting and then with a clean damp white cotton towel repeat until spill has transferred to clean towel,Do not rub only blot.

Polypropylene Carpets are far more commonly fit these days mainly because there cheaper but can cost anywhere between £3 and £30 a square metre.The difference in price Is determined by the way the pile is constructed, a high quality twist usually comes 2 ply meaning there’s two tufts twisted together neatly for better resilience.Poor quality Polypropylene carpets are not constructed well and have a very loose tuft appearance,the pile has not been twisted so won’t stand up to heavy foot traffic ,this is easier to view by looking at the pile side on rather than the top.
Because Polypropylene is a plastic it’s not absorbent like wool so easier to protect from stains.If you spill into a Polypropylene carpet then it’s the same cleaning process as wool but there’s a much better chance of removing spills.Makeup,food and general marks usually can be removed with household wipes just don’t rub vigorously.When professionally cleaned Polypropylene carpets come out well. buy direct from Cormar and offer a professional fitting service in the Leeds/Bradford area.

Apollo Plus is a great value budget carpet with a short dense pile but looks good for years.

Primo Ultra is a thick dense carpet giving luxury and performance.

Sensation Original is a soft feel luxurious pile best for bedrooms or light traffic areas.

Home Counties is a great value wool twist with modern colours suitable for any room in the home.

All prices are on website on carpets to order page.