How to Style Your Living Room On A Budget (With the Help of Carpet Roll Ends)

Style living room budget with roll ends

If your living room is looking and feeling a little tired around the edges, there are some quick and cheap ways to make it feel like home again.

Contrary to popular belief, restyling your living room shouldn’t cost you the earth. There are some easy ways to refresh your walls and breathe life into your current furniture, without breaking the bank. If you’re looking for ideas, or tips on how to overhaul your living room on a budget, carry on reading…

First, Look at What You Have to Work With
Before you start looking for paint and scrolling through social media for ideas, we recommend you stop and look at the space with fresh eyes. You may think you hate your furniture, or don’t like your current fireplace, but it’s worth seeing what you have to work with. Whether you’ve had a piece of furniture for years or have some fabric stashed away, there’s lots you can do with it if you look at it with fresh eyes.

Repaint And Tackle Any Little Niggles
If the walls are looking a little tired, or have cracks, it’s well within the skills of most DIYers to fix. Smoothing out any little niggles in the room and a fresh coat of paint can instantly and easily make a big impact. Consider going for light, airy colours, such as off white, to make a small room feel big. If you already have smooth neutral walls, painting a feature wall is a great way to add a splash of colour. Paint isn’t cheap, but you could ask friends or neighbours if they have any paint leftover. There are also many schemes which donate free paint at local recycling centres.

Second Hand Websites Are Your Best Friend
Websites such as Gumtree and eBay are great places to pick up new and slightly used furniture at a fraction of the price of new furniture. Older furniture may require a little TLC, but it can add lots of character to your living room. Opt for a statement coffee table or even a sofa, there are lots of people happy to give away furniture or sell it off cheaply.

Want new Carpet? Consider Roll Ends
New carpet doesn’t need to cost the earth, or put your home into upheaval. Carpet off-cuts or roll ends are a great way to treat your West Yorkshire home to a luxury branded carpet, without paying over the odds for it.

The best way to save money online is through online shopping. Whilst buying a carpet online seems odd, it actually brings a lot of savings as there are no extra associated costs such as staff wages, rents and rates inflating the carpet price. Getting the carpet fitted by an experienced team will save you time as well, and some carpets include a free fitting which is really budget friendly.To find out more how we can fit carpet for your Leeds/Bradford home, just get in touch on 0113 4182898. Click here to find out more about our convenient delivery times to suit you.