What Are Carpet Roll Ends?

carpet roll

Carpets are a great way to finish the look in your home, add warmth, and dampen sound. Carpeting a home of any size is often a big task that takes time and money. So with carpets, it’s worth investing in good quality to ensure you’re not replacing them too soon. Good quality carpets will feel great under foot and look better for many years to come. They’re typically made from materials such as luxury pile polypropylene, and come in a wide range of styles and colours.

What is a roll end and why should I consider them to carpet my home?
A roll end is simply a piece of carpet is left over from the end of a large roll. They typically come in pre-cut sizes and are vastly reduced from their commercial price. This means the savings are passed directly on to the buyer.

The only way that roll ends are different to buying carpet off the roll is that the carpet is already pre-cut to a certain size. This means you can easily order carpet of a similar size for rooms in your home without worrying about excessive waste. Roll ends are an ideal way to carpet your whole home on a budget without skimping on quality.

Get carpet brands but at a fraction of the price
Roll ends are rarely out-of-date carpets left at the back of the warehouse. You can pick up high-end carpet that has recently been manufactured and is ideal for laying in your home. With many different colours to choose from, you can easily opt to update large areas of your home, or do one room at a time.

Finding good quality roll ends for your West Yorkshire home
Shopping online is very convenient and easy, especially for those who are busy and don’t have time to visit shops. Buying online also saves you even more money, so re-carpeting your home doesn’t need to break the bank.

Shopping for a carpet online is straightforward, and being able to get free samples means you can feel the carpet too. You can lay the samples against your current colour scheme and see how they’ll look in the natural light of your home.

When selecting a carpet for your home, you first need to pick a roll end that will fit the size of your room. You can read our measuring guide here so you know what size of roll end to purchase. Buying roll ends for your West yorkshire home is now easier than ever, especially with a wide range of top-quality carpets available.

Use a quality carpet fitter for roll ends
The finished product will last much longer if it’s fitted by an experienced professional. We offer a competitive, top-quality fitting service for all carpets bought from directly from us. We have the expertise to fit a roll end, as well as give you tips to keep the carpet looking its best. To find out more how we can fit carpet for your West Yorkshire and Harrogate home, just get in touch on 0113 4182898.