What to Consider When Buying Carpet For Your Rental Home

What to consider when buying carpet for your yorkshire rental home

As a property investor with either one rental or dozens, you know that making it look nice is important. A well-presented house will be more appealing to potential tenants, and one key area that makes a huge impact is carpet. Carpets can see a lot of wear and tear, and over time you will have to replace them. It’s tempting to opt for a cheaper option, however good-quality carpets are a worthwhile investment for landlords and rental home owners.

What kind of tenants are you after?

The kind of tenants you are after will have an impact on the carpet you choose for your rental home. If your home is geared up for a family with children, harder-wearing carpets will stand up to a lot of activity.

For luxury rental homes, thicker, plusher carpets will be the norm, so consider whether you are positioning your rental home to the professional, higher-end market. Quality carpets don’t necessarily need to cost the earth, as there are many viable options such as roll ends or clearance carpets. We will look at these in detail later on in this blog.

Is it a flat or a house?

If your rental home is a flat, it may benefit from carpet over hardwood flooring. Some flats may actually have a restriction on the type of floor they can have. Carpets will help to deafen any major noises, as well as keep the space warm. A terraced house would equally benefit from carpets throughout to help reduce noise.

Creating the illusion of space

The type of carpet you choose can impact on how much bigger or smaller it makes the room look. A general rule is that darker shades make a space look smaller. Therefore, light greys, beiges, and creams are ideal for making a room feel light and bright.

Striped carpets placed up stairs and along hallways can help extend the look of the space and make it feel welcoming.

Consider roll ends for your rental property

Roll ends are a great way to fully carpet your entire rental home at a fraction of the cost of going to a carpet dealer. Roll ends are carpet remnants that have been discontinued by suppliers. This means you can get great savings on high-end, quality carpets. Many quality roll ends will have anti-staining properties, which makes them ideal for rental properties.

Buying roll ends online

Buying carpets online saves a lot of time and money. With some simple measurements and calculations, you can find out how much carpet you need. We can send out samples of carpet for free, so you determine the shade and feel of the carpet. We also offer a full carpet fitting service across West Yorkshire and Harrogate, so get in touch on 0113 4182898 here to see how we can help.

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